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About Acupuncture

What is Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a method used to bring energy flow in our body to equilibrium state and cure various diseases by inserting very small needles over the energy flow points.

  • What is Eye Acupuncture and Needles ?
    Based on the type of disease, inserting Stainless Supok needles (0.17mm dia * 0.7mm len) around the eyes (not on the eyes) and 361 acupuncture points in the body identified by the Acupuncture masters to cure the Eye diseases is called “Eye Acupuncture”. Inserting these very small needles will not cause any pain, swelling, injury, blood, sore or blister. And there will not be any side effects on diabetic patients. In this method, we place very small needles like sujok needle around the eyes and place ½ cm needles on the other energy points in body and this gives very good results. We insert the needles when the patients lie down in bed and request them to close the eyes in calm situation until they are in place. Also we are healing all the eye diseases without medicine even though the patients patients are affected by other diseases and taking medication related to that.
  • What is Acupuncture
    Acupuncture is a method used to bring energy flow in our body to equilibrium state and cure various diseases by inserting very small needles over the energy flow points.
  • Best practices
    1. Exercise daily since childhood especially swimming 2. Full body checkup annually including eye checkup 3. Avoid junk foods like oil items, fast foods and rich in fat and instead take vegetables and fruits. 4. Use protective clothing while working in polluted areas. 5. 8 hours of deep sleeping is compulsory at night. 6. Avoid taking lot of medication. 7. Don't stare at cell phones, TV and computer screens for long-time. 8. Avoid marriage between blood relations. 9. Clean eyes with clear and chill water on daily morning and night and take oil bath once in a week. 10. Don't work or sleep in air conditioned areas for long time. 11. Identify eye diseases in the early stage itself and get it cured by Eye doctors. In short, we conclude that following bad life style is the basic reason for all eye diseases. We are healing all kind of eye diseases in any situations with Acupuncture therapy which is our Indian traditional medical system.
  • Activating organs and glands
    Moreover in our research we identified that children, youths and middle aged patients are recovering quickly in our method where as those who crossed middle age and old-aged patients are recovering gradually. Also in our experience its evident that crucial organs like Liver-Gall Bladder, Kidney-urinary Bladder, spleen, stomach out of 12 organs in our body and 6 glands our of 9 available glands like Thyroid, Hypothalamus, Pituitary, Pineal, Adrenal and Pancreas are having major relation to the eye diseases. We have also proved to cure eye diseases by accurately activating these organs and glands by Acupuncture therapy. Also we are advising everyone to follow the below best practices in their day to day life to escape from eye diseases.
  • Origin of Acupuncture
    Acupuncture therapy has been a part of Indian culture for a long time. The jewels Indian people used to wear like ear stud, nose stud, bangles on hand, anklets on foot, Toe ring, Thandati (heavy ear stud), Thandai (a heavy weight ring around the foot used to wear by men) are used to stimulate Acupuncture energy points and bring the energy flow in the body to balanced state. Also the worshiping practices Hindus used to follow like Thoppukaranam (kind of sit-up exercise which is now called as super brain yoga), kaavadi attam (burden dance), Alagu kuthuthal (body piercing), poo mithital (trampling fire) Angaprathadchanai (lie down and roll around the temple as symbol of offering whole body itself to the god), foot pilgrimage, smearing sacred ash, vermilion, sandalwood powder on the forehead, rotate around navagragas temple (Gods of 9 planets) for 9 times and all temples for 3 times and Pipal tree for 40 times in the early morning, ashtangam, sashtangam (prostrate and kind of yoga position), praying sun (surya namaskar), meditation, pranayama (breathing exercise), Yoga and Prayer methods of Christians and Muslims, all have been discovered by our ancestors in such a way to make pressure over these acupuncture energy points. Also the games and exercises people of India used to follow like swimming, bathing under falls, jogging, running, marathon, horse riding, archery, wresling and bull hugging sport (Jallikattu) all have the same mechanism integrated. To be concise, our ancestors made sure that all 361 acupuncture energy points in the body will be activated in our day to day life practices itself and formed medicine-less world. Moreover in ancient India only few people from specific community practiced as physicians traditionally with honesty and morality by keeping the methods secretly and only trained their successors so others don't misuse. During the various foreign invasions over India, they tried to kill the Ayurvedic physicians and either steal the medical instructions or burn it. Amid those terrible period, numerous ayurvedic doctors left the service and stopped training their successors. Few doctors wrote the medical description in the palm leaf manuscript. But most of them decayed due to dampness, insect activity, mold and fragility and only few survived. During the British rule, they introduced allopathic medicine which cures the diseases instantly, and attracted by the speedy recovery they also started following their medical practices. As days passed, the allopathy medical methods, tablets, injections, therapies and surgeries slowly developed and mixed in our life and be the number one position in India to cure the people. When other medical practices have been pushed backwards by the development of English medical methods, now in few countries like China, Korea, Japan, France, America, Africa, Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and India Acupuncture therapy come to life and being developed and trained. In India, not all the human diseases could be cured by the Acupuncture medicine may be because not enough guiding books, doctors, colleges and medical workshops. The situation now is to learn the books from foreigners and research as individuals or groups to learn about Acupuncture therapy. Similarly the Eye Acupuncture therapy we considered has very less number of solutions from Acupuncture medicine. So we researched a lot, gone through lot of related books, and guided by Acupuncture doctors and attended patients directly who come across various eye diseases and attained lot of good results. So this is our second article related to this research.
  • Reaseons for Eye Diseases ?
    Consuming alcohol, smoking, working late night, staring at cellphone, TV and computer monitors for long time, unhealthy food style, working in polluted areas for long time, intaking lot of medicines& injections, hereditary diseases, infections, marriage between blood relations, Eye injuries, aging are the various reasons of Eye diseases.
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